Innovative polyurethane rigid foams for the commercial refrigeration industry

Innovative polyurethane rigid…
For the first time, the chemical company BASF presents its broad portfolio of insulation solutions for the commercial refrigeration industry at the Euroshop, the World’s No.1 Retail Trade Fair in Dusseldorf (Germany). From March 5 to 9, trade show visitors have the possibility to see and discuss the latest developments of Elastopor (PU rigid foams) for more efficient and sustainable insulation solutions for the commercial refrigeration industry at booth B 78 in hall 16.

Elastopor H 2070 HE for energy efficient insulation

With Elastopor H 2070 HE BASF offers a portfolio of HFO based PU systems meeting the increased demand for more energy efficient solutions. The HFO enables lower density levels (overall densities < 38 kg/m3) resulting in less material usage. The portfolio consists of three performance classes, HE 1, HE 2 and HE 3, depending on the thermal insulation property. The thermal performance ranges between 19 and 22 mW/m*K. Elastopor H 2070 HE is a two-component system that guarantees a long shelf life, does not require any additional investment from the customers and is easy to process. The excellent adhesion even at low mold temperatures leads to reduced scrap rates and high product quality.

Elastopor H 2000 LD for sustainability and cost-efficiency

Elastopor H 2000 LD is a rigid polyurethane foam using water as the sole blowing agent. With zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and the lowest GWP (Global Warming Potential), it is a very sustainable solution and supports the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Beside these environmental advantages, the excellent flow characteristics of the material ensure very even density distribution, thus leading to a lower material consumption. In addition, this development is easy to process, cost-efficient and requires no additional investment.

Elastocool 2030

With Elastocool BASF completes its portfolio of insulation systems for the refrigeration industry. Elastocool is the best-selling brand for pentane-based solutions. High productivity, a very low density level and excellent thermal performance are the key benefits of Elastocool. This results in short cycle times and low material usage within the production and significantly contributes to cost savings.

Ultramid for shopping carts

Beside these insulation solutions for commercial refrigeration BASF also presents its competence in engineering plastics. Metal substitution is a topic in nearly each industry. The shopping cart of Tomás Morcillo is made with the polyamide Ultramid B3EG4, which offers optimum strength, rigidity and load resistance. This leads to weight saving of 50% compared to metal shopping carts.


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