Industrial Packaging on the upswing: Mauser Group is well-positioned for 2011

Industrial Packaging on the…
The Mauser Group, a worldwide leading company in industrial packaging, is emerging from the economic crisis with renewed strength. After a successful year in 2010, the company is well-positioned and looks confidently to the future.

Over the past 12 months, Mauser has experienced increasing demand in all product areas and all countries – in particular from the chemical and oil/lubricants industries. Driven by the upswing in these segments, the industrial packaging business picked up fast in 2010. Mauser’s success is due both to its comprehensive portfolio of industrial packaging solutions and services and its unique business model based on sustainability and management of the complete packaging lifecycle. This corporate strategy has enabled the company to leverage market opportunities in the past year and generate positive results.

“As one of the first links in the supply chain, the packaging industry is a leading indicator for economic development and I am optimistic that order volume will continue to remain stable at a high level in 2011,” says Dr. Clemens Willée, Chief Executive Officer, Mauser Group. “We are expecting demand to be strong, especially from the chemical and oil/lubricants sectors. However, the sector still faces greater challenges in terms of rising electricity, transport and freight costs as well as volatile raw material prices.”

In 2011, the Mauser Group plans to continue building on its position as a leading global player in Europe, the Americas and Asia, through additional investments, which will expand its comprehensive portfolio of products and services. These include plastic packaging, steel and fibre drums, Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) as well as recollect and reconditioning services for the corresponding packaging groups provided by the National Container Group (NCG), a Mauser subsidiary.

As well as manufacturing new packaging solutions, Mauser is increasingly focusing its attention on managing the entire lifecycle of industrial packaging products. The strategy has been named “Eco-Cycle” and is based on the five pillars “Renew”, “Reduce”, “Recollect”, “Reuse” and “Recycle”. It not only offers customers ecological benefits but is also a key to generating greater profits. Packaging designs that preserve resources and optimized value chains provide customers with clear added value and highlight the differences between the Mauser Group and other companies in the sector.

Moreover, the Sustainability Programme initiated in 2010 will continue to be developed in 2011. Focusing on sustainability and environmental, economic and social responsibility throughout the company, it will become an even more widely applicable factor of success.

”Thanks to our sustainable business model and strong economic presence, we are well-positioned to meet the challenges of the market. Mauser is recognized by customers around the world as a supplier of advanced, sustainable and reliable packaging solutions of the highest quality,” summarizes Dr. Clemens Willée.