Imerys at K 2016

Imerys at K 2016 At K 2016 Imerys (stand F40, Hall 8a) will be showcasing the environmental and technical advantages of its high-performance minerals for automotive lightweighting, recycled plastics and odour- and VOCreduction, thermally conductive plastic materials.

New HAR 3G talcs for automotive lightweighting

New HAR 3G has been developed using a patented process that results in very high aspect ratio talc. Designed primarily for automotive polymer applications, HAR 3G significantly enhances the performance of TPO and PP compounds where it increases stiffness, maintains good impact resistance and lowers CLTE, allowing designers to achieve zero gap tolerancing. This unique combination of physical properties makes it possible to reduce wall thickness and weight, helping automotive OEM's meet overall vehicle weight reduction goals with a corresponding improvement in fuel economy.

ImerPlast for boosting recycled polyolefin performance

ImerPlast is a compatibilised, mixed polymer compound, consisting of recycled polyethylene and polypropylene resin and a mineral-based compatibilising agent. ImerPlast extends the number of useful applications of recycled plastic feedstock, allowing a higher recycling rate and increasing the scope of recycled polymers. This engineered mineral also overcomes phase separation and ensures stable production. ImerPlast is already being used in pipes for drains and sewers and for wood plastic composite decking. This summer will see the launch of a whole new product range of ImerPlast recycled polyolefin composites for durable injection applications requiring high impact performance.

ImerSorb for odour and VOC emission reduction

Odour and VOC emissions cause problems for interior air quality in the house, workplace and automotive environments. Imerys's ImerSorb mineral range has been designed to help meet recent legislation which imposes limits on the concentration of certain solvents allowed in products for the house and workplace and for the automotive market. FilmLink& FiberLink for best in class technical films Imerys offers best in class calcium carbonate products for technical films such as BOPP, breathable films, hygiene films, and nonwovens. Our unique technology and expertise provides our customers with faster throughput, reduced rejection rates, and the ability to down gauge with strength.

TIMREX C-THERM for thermally conductive plastic materials

Metal replacement by polymer compounds is increasing the demand for thermally conductive plastic materials for applications that require heat dissipation or heat transfer. The addition of graphite to a compound is an excellent thermal conductivity solution for applications that tolerate electrical conductivity. Newly developed, easy-feedable TIMREX CTHERM additives allow the realization of thermally conductive polymers with outstanding thermal conductivity at low loadings.

Imerys produces and markets a large variety of synthetic and natural graphite's and conductive carbon blacks of consistent high quality. ENSACO Carbon Blacks are high structure carbon blacks, also called 'conductive carbon blacks', of very high purity meeting the severest requirements for low PAH and BAP. They are mainly used as conductive additives to make insulating polymers permanently conductive at low loadings. TIMREX graphite's are a diverse range of carbons, from high-purity synthetic graphite with different particle sizes and morphologies, to naturally occurring graphite extracted from the mine; main applications for graphite's in polymers are based on their selflubricating, thermal or electrical conductivity effect.

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