Higher performance and quality in polymer compounding

Higher performance and quality…
Compounding line with highly efficient underwater pelletizing for throughputs up to 1,000 kg/h.

Automatik Plastics Machinery GmbH and Maag Pump Systems AG will be appearing jointly at this year’s Fakuma, the International Trade Fair for Plastics Processing in Friedrichshafen, Germany, under the combined banner of Maag Group. The two sister companies will be presenting their complementary expertise as an integrated system provider, displaying as a special highlight a complete compounding line with a throughput of up to 1,000 kg/h. The displayed system will consist of an extrex 56HV gear pump, a CSC continuous screen changer, and a Sphero 70 underwater pelletizer.

The extrex series of gear pumps from Maag is specially designed to gently convey thermoplastic melts, proven time and again in the most demanding production applications. Its unique construction enables the even delivery of required output pressures up to 300 bar. The downstream sieve changer, likewise thanks to its superior design, ensures reliable melt filtration without leakage, which is fed onward to the Sphero underwater pelletizing system where it is formed into perfect spherical pellets.

With its improved straight-line exit design for the pellet-water slurry, the new generation of Sphero pelletizers offers even better process water flow. It also features a convenient new interlock device, enabling the cutting chamber to be flipped open with just a single hand, a first in the industry. The benefits of the straight-line process water design, with tangential inflow to and outflow from the cutting chamber, are easier cleaning, reduced wear, and avoidance of surface adhesion and clumping for high viscosity products and other critical applications.

The cutting head assembly has been redesigned with a new universal joint, which keeps the cutting edges remain perfectly aligned to the die plate. According to Automatik, this design improvement increases the knife service life by up to 30%, thus ensuring maximum machine availability. The process water treatment unit in the new Sphero models is compact and comes pre-configured, making it quick and easy to install.

All electrical components come pre-fitted with cables and plugs for instant “plug & play” connection. In addition, access to upstream components such as the extruder has been improved, with ample room for maximum operator convenience.

Among the exhibits of Automatik at Fakuma is the Primo 60 E dry-cut strand pelletizer with integrated vibration sieve. The Primo E strand pelletizing line is a solution proven throughout the world for smaller throughput rates up to 300 kg/h in compounding and masterbatch applications. Primo E is available in two basic sizes, with input widths of 60 mm and 120 mm.

Among the many benefits of this system are one-sided bearings for all moving components within the cutting chamber, easy access to the cutting tools and low noise emissions. Short setup and cleaning times facilitate rapid product changeover, demonstrating Automatik’s commitment to provide its customers with maximum flexibility.

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