High speed barrier packaging film for horizontal form-fill-seal

High speed barrier packaging…

Innovia Films is launching the next film in its new Propafilm Strata range of transparent high barrier, mono structure, packaging films. SLF is a chlorine free film that delivers exceptional barrier levels to oxygen, moisture, aroma and mineral oils. It has been designed with a wide sealing range making it perfect for high speed horizontal-form-fill-seal packaging of biscuits, bakery and confectionery type products.  

Alasdair McEwen, Global Product Manager Packaging, Innovia Films explains “With SLF, we have been able to develop a totally new barrier film that not only has outstanding oxygen and aroma barrier, but also has enhanced moisture barrier over standard polypropylene films.  This means that there is an opportunity to increase product shelf life and therefore reduce food waste.  It is the perfect replacement for PVdC coated films.”

McEwen continued “We have incorporated a wide sealing range polymer into the formulation of SLF, so it has been designed specifically for use on high speed horizontal packaging lines.”

Like all Propafilm Strata films, SLF provides a very effective barrier to aroma, and oxygen even at high relative humidity levels. It is printable, glossy and is food contact compliant globally.

SLF has also been classified as Made for Recycling by Interseroh.  Alasdair McEwen, explains “This certification proves the recyclability of our new Strata SLF film.  It can be classified as ‘recycle ready’, or recyclable in countries which have the infrastructure to recycle polypropylene.”

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