Heat resistant biopolymers launched in North America

Heat resistant biopolymers launched in North America
FKuR Plastics Corp. is launching several heat resistant biopolymers with the brand name Biograde. Developed particularly for technical applications, Biograde can be processed on conventional plastics processing machines without the need for modifications.

Biograde resins are cellulose based polymers and are thus mainly composed of natural resource materials. Especially designed for injection moulding applications they are a recent result of FKuR’s and Fraunhofer UMSICHT’s research work which combines renewable base polymers with outstanding additives and compatibilizers processed in FKuR’s dedicated bio compounding process.

“The technical properties that our Biograde resins achieve are significantly different to other biodegradable resins on the market today such as PLA or starch-based resins”, says Steven Prindle, Applications Technology Specialist at FKuR Plastics Corp.

When considering the performance of technical applications, the materials’ mechanical properties at high temperatures are particularly crucial. “Biograde resins are heat resistant up to 232°F (111°C) (Vicat A temperature) and have been successfully used in the production of heat resistant cutlery for several years”, Steven Prindle says. As a result of its various property profiles, Biograde has also been used for the production of technical electronic parts and household equipment.

Biograde C 7500 CL is a transparent, 100% biodegradable material. With a Vicat A temperature of 111 °C, it has excellent heat resistance for a bioplastic. The mechanical properties are similar to PS. In addition it can easily been printed as well as colored using bio-masterbatches.

Biograde C 9550 is certified as compostable according to ASTM D 6400. In contrast to Biograde C 7500 CL it contains mineral fillers, making it heavier and an opaque white color. As a result components made from Biograde C 9550 are stiff with a high quality texture.