Gerresheimer increases production capacity for pharmaceutical glass

Gerresheimer increases production capacity for pharmaceutical glass
Glass production is a heat-intensive process. To produce glass from sand, soda and limestone, the furnace has to deliver constant temperatures of over 1,500 degrees Celsius.

That’s why the furnaces have to be replaced at 8-10 year intervals. The first “new glass“ was flowing out of the new furnace at Gerresheimer Lohr after only 43 days.

“We managed to install the furnace in record time thanks to the hard work and commitment of the entire team at Lohr. Without their efforts, it would never have been possible,“ praised Andreas Kohl, General Manager at Gerresheimer Lohr.

The brand new furnace is used in the production The old furnace being dismantled.of transparent glass. As a result of this investment, an additional production line incorporating the very latest technology for manufacturing especially lightweight articles has been put into operation and around 16 new jobs have been created.

Gerresheimer Lohr specializes in the production of glass articles for the pharmaceutical industry. That’s why all production lines have clean room technology and advanced production and inspection equipment that is certified as compliant with all the relevant standards. Customers not only expect first-rate glass, but also innovativeness and excellent results. In order to satisfy these discerning requirements and sustain its leadership, Gerresheimer Lohr uses state-of-the-art production technology and employs highly qualified production staff who receive regular further training.

The new furnace satisfies all statutory requirements The first “new glass“ was being melted after only 43 days.of exhaust gases and air purity, and it has a completely sealed melting basin to improve energy efficiency.

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The company produces specialty products made of glass and plastic, primarily for the pharma industry.