French Arcil at interpack

French Arcil at interpack
This year at interpack Arcil will present its two new optimised design FFS lines: the IziA4 and the EasyPlus.

These two machines are the result of re-engineering aimed at optimising the design of the small and medium capacity FFS Arcil to gain added competitiveness. After the great success of the FFS Arcil A4, A6, and A8, developed and launched in the 90’s, Arcil is harnessing its experience of more than 100 customers to offer compact FFS lines with optimised CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

The Group’s new creation, the EasyPlus, can operate at a speed of 23,000 cups/hour for 125 g cups (with a standard label). It has a wide range of options like all the large Arcil machines and accepts all cup and cut-out formats, 2/4/6 or individual.

The IziA4, produces 14,400 cups/hour and is dedicated to the 63x63 mm format (standard 125 g labelled cups).These two lines stand out with their small floor over: the EasyPlus is 8.50m in length and the IziA4 is 5.80m. It has carefully crafted aesthetics combining ergonomy, reliability and performance.

Their standardised manufacture ensures real competitiveness in the market and availability for supply: for standard applications, the ‘Time to Market’ (time between ordering the machine and production) is from 6 to7 months for the EasyPlus and from 4 to 5 months for the IziA4, instead of 8 to 10 months for the conventional FFS’s.

There are the same technological features on these two machines that made the name of the Arcil 43,000 cups/h or 86,000 cups/h: independent servomotors for all the main functions, absence of mechanics under plastic web level; digital pulling by means of a feed pin chain and a toothed wheel for the plastic sheet; plastic heating by contact; integrated labelling with the special Arcil ‘helicopter system’; independent presses, stepping adjustment of the lidding film by stretching with a heating skid before heat sealing; cutting out by shearing of cups in single units or packs of 1x2, 2x2, 2x3; capacity torestart without loss with PS or PLA based plastics.

As for the other ultraclean Arcil machines, they are equipped with laminar air- flow hoods that are ultrafiltered in the dosing zone (class 100) and infrared or UVc radiation devices on the lidding film.

The new Dosil-PDM volumetric dosimeter with piston, with a disc valve, has a Modular design affording more ergonomic maintenance, and is numerical and very precise (0,3g standard deviation). This filler is externalised, designed for Cleaning In Place, and makes it possible to dose various products, liquids, viscous products, with or without pieces, double flavour side by side or bi-layer, twisted, hot or cold, etc.

The EasyPlus machine is available with Simotion automation by Siemens, and with a HMI on a PC with a touch screen, and Arcil’s Efidrive software. The Kinetics version by Rockwell Automation will soon be available for the American market.

Several IziA4 machines are already in operation in Thailand, Iran, and Malaysia at world leaders of fresh dairy produce. Three FFS Arcil EasyPlus machines have already been sold for applications in several Russian factories. The start-up of the first line will take place in St Petersburg in September 2011.

These two IziA4 and EasyPlus machines will be presented on the Arcil stand, each equipped with a robotised end of line under the responsibility of the Engineering Synerlink cell.

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Arcil is a manufacturer of Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) lines for the dairy food industry.