Free-to-download analytics report on O&G investment projects

Free-to-download analytics…

Vostock Capital has prepared the analytics report featuring flagship O&G investment projects of Russia and the CIS. The report includes all Russian and CIS projects for geological exploration, extraction, petrochemistry, oil and gas processing, storage and transshipment of oil and petroleum. 

The analytics report was prepared prior to the Online Business Forum, Onsite Visits and 1-2-1 Meetings “Oil and Gas Russia and CIS Online” (15 - 17 July 2020), which will bring together 300+ C-level executives from O&G companies to discuss project development in modern economic realities. Join us!

Among the projects listed in the report: 

  • Development of Kshukskoe and Nizhne-Kvakchikskoe fields, Gazprom. In order to provide stable long-term gas supply to Kamchatka, Gazprom plans to execute geological exploration onshore and in the shelf area of Kamchatka peninsula. Exploration works will be completed before 2026.
  • Modernisation of Orsk Oil Refinery, SAFMAR. Orsk Oil Refinery is implementing a modernisation programme aimed at deep oil refining. Commissioning of a delayed coking unit (DLK) is planned for 2023. The programme is expected to last till 2024. Overall project investment will comprise 64 billion RUB.
  • Gas Processing Plant on the premises of Kashagan field, Kazakhstan. A large associated gas processing facility will be constructed in the Atyrau region on the premises of Kashagan field. Nameplate capacity will equal 1 billion m3 per annum. GPC Investment company will provide financing for the project.  The project will be completed before the end of 2021. Project investment will comprise $860 million.
  • Oil and gas chemical complex TANECO, Tatneft. In 2019, Tatneft started considering Phase 3 of TANECO. The board of directors decided to construct an oil and gas chemical complex to produce engineering plastics, which have not been produced in Russia yet, as well as other petrochemical products. 

Reconstruction of Sheskharsis complex, Chernomortransneft. The project is being developed. Reconstruction includes 64 facilities, 41 of them have already been finished and launched. Reconstruction completion is expected in 2025.

Download the free report:

P.S. The report is based on the data obtained from open sources including media. Vostock Capital shall not accept any responsibility or liability for reliance by any person or any of the information, opinions or conclusions set out in the report. 

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