Free Choice in Robots at K 2013

Multi-Material Molding & In-Mold Decoration with Multi-Inject 20 on Sumitomo Demag IMM
The vertical injection unit on a bi-material injection-molding machine might interfere with movement of a standard beam robot, but the Sepro Multi-Inject 20 robot, which is being shown for the first time at K 2013, is different. This specially designed unit will be operating on a 210-ton Sumitomo Demag machine with a two-position rotating mold for making ice scrapers with soft-touch gripping surfaces. In operation, the robot picks a decorative label from a feeder and places it on the molded scraper body before the gripping material is over-molded. Then it removes the finished product to a conveyor as the cycle repeats.

S5-15 Axial Robot Demonstrates Insert-Molding on 60T Arburg IMM
A 60T Arburg injection-molding machine will be operating with an S5-15 robot, the smallest model in Sepro’s line of high-performance 3-axis servo-driven units for applications requiring multi-axis, multi-function parts manipulation. The robot will be presented in an axial configuration so that the horizontal beam runs parallel to the injection unit. This cell will produce a toy car with wheels that move on metal axles. A cycle begins as the robot picks metal axles form a feeder and places them in the tool. The wheels are molded on the axles as the body of the car is molded in another cavity. After molding, the robot removes all components from the mold and places inserts for the next cycle before moving the finished parts outside the molding area. Wheels and axles are placed in a fixture at the end of the molding machine and the body of the car is press-fit onto them. Finally the finished car is placed on a conveyor and the cycle repeats.

Other elements on the Sepro stand will include a demonstration of the Success Range of all-servo general purpose robots. Built using S-Platform technology that was perfected on the high-performance S5 Line, Success robots are faster and able to handle bigger, heavier parts than many similar robots. Thus, they become truly affordable robots with enhanced capabilities, with all of the quality and reliability for which Sepro is well-known.

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