Free Choice in Robots at K 2013

Free Choice in Robots at K…
With a total of 23 robots on display on its own stand and in the booths of six partner companies, Sepro Robotique intends to show visitors to the K 2013 trade fair that no other company offers so much choice in injection-molding automation.

"When we talk about 'Your Free Choice in Robots,'" explains Jean-Michel Renaudeau, CEO of Sepro Robotique, "we're showing potential customers that no matter what their application, no matter where they are located, no matter what their operating parameters, Sepro has options that can meet their needs. We are a global company, with in-depth engineering and manufacturing capabilities, strong technical and marketing partnerships, unmatched service and support, and a diverse product offering, and we intend to be the #1 robot supplier in the markets we serve."

After many years in Hall 10 at the Messe Dusseldorf fairgrounds, Sepro is moving to Hall 12 Booth A49 in order to gain more floor space. Covering a total of 255 m2, the display will be the largest ever for Sepro. It will showcase the latest Sepro technology, including much that has never been seen before.

For instance:
5X Line and 6X Visual Together in an Automation Cell
Two 6-axis articulated-arm units will be shown operating together with three 5-axis Cartesian robots in an entertaining automation ballet. Developed by Sepro Robotique in partnership with Stäubli Robotics, these two robot families are aimed at injection-molding applications requiring complex part manipulation. The 5-axis 5X Line is based on high-precision Sepro 3-axis Cartesian beam robots and a 2-axis Stäubli servo wrist. The two additional compact servo rotations make it easy to adapt to challenging applications like insert placing, complex extraction paths in the mold, path tracking for flame treatment, and the like. The 6X Visual line of robots combines a Stäubli 6-axis articulated-arm robot with easy-to-use Sepro Visual 3 control to deliver an automation solution specifically for injection molding. Five models are available to serve injection-molding machines from 20 to 4000 tons.

5X Line

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