First biodegradable Piping Bag

First biodegradable Piping Bag
KEE Plastics, one of the world’s leading producers of piping bags, introduces the world’s
first truly biodegradable and compostable piping bag made from FKuR’s bioresins.

KEE Plastics have developed a multi-layer biofilm bag which combines excellent
mechanical properties with perfect grip. - Using a highly viscous paste is tricky! Our piping
bags are famous for their seal strength and overall quality - says Gunilla Ejeblad,
Managing Director of KEE Plastics. - Thanks to FKuR´s material properties and the
excellent application support; we were able to make it out of Bioplastics.

For the Piping Bag various Bio-Flex grades were selected. The special multilayer system
provides an outstanding seal strength and modulus as well as a high degree of
renewability along with excellent extrusion performance. The in-line production also
puts extreme demands on the integrity and reproducibility of the materials used. In
addition these Piping Bags are biodegradable (according to EN 13432) and have all of the
necessary food approvals.

First biodegradable Piping Bag

Bioplastics are a class of polymers, which have properties comparable to conventional
polymers, but are made from renewable resources or enable the biodegradability of the
products made from this material.

KEE Plastics produces piping bags and are manufactured in Sweden. The company holds
patents for piping bag solutions. ,Kee-seal Ultra’ and ,Kee-seal’ are trade marks of KEE
Plastics and since last October they have added the new biodegradable solution 'Kee-

FKuR Kunststoff GmbH produces and markets special customized biopolymers under the
brand names Bio-Flex (polylactic acid/copolyester compound), Biograde (cellulose
ester compound) and Fibrolon (natural fibre reinforced polymers). The close
cooperation of the company with the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT assures outstanding
know-how and quality standards.