Energy regeneration - with emphasis on profit

The feature of energy recovery - whereby the servo-drive motors in the ROBOSHOT machines generate electrical energy as they decelerate, when closing and opening the mould after locking – contributes a tremendous potential for reducing energy costs. “We utilise kinematic and turn it into regenerated power instead of discharging thermal energy into the air,” says Wolfgang Haak, and adds that “the amount of energy produced in this way depends on the machine and process, but it amounts to around 5 percent of power saved on average, on top of the 40-60 percent lower energy consumption of all-electric machines as opposed to hydraulic ones. Today, we must not forget the issue of CO2 emissions: the greater the energy requirements of a manufacturing plant, the higher are the CO2 emissions. With our ROBOSHOT machines, less energy is required from the national power grid, which means lower emissions and the protection of our environment”.

FANUC ROBOSHOT highlights at a glance

Sustainable process capability - stable moulding through Backflow Monitor and Precise Metering Control PMC2 and PMC3: The first feature is the Backflow Monitor, which shows the backflow of material at the time of injection on a screen. This allows conclusions (feedback) regarding the stability of the injection, the closing characteristics of the non-return valve as well as its status. The second feature is the Precise Metering Control (PMC2 and PMC3). Residual pressure in the screw flights compensates volume displacements at the end of the dosing cycle. It guarantees a constant dosing volume and minimises weight deviations of the parts to be moulded.

The AI mould protection and AI ejector functions of the FANUC ROBOSHOT series of IMMs are very effective in safeguarding a longer lifetime of the mould. The AI mould protection function stops the closing motion instantaneously as soon as it detects foreign parts or obstacles remaining in the mould – thus preventing damage to the mould. It also averts damage to the slide core and inserts when the mould is opened. Furthermore, the AI ejector function is very effective in preventing damage to the ejector when it moves forward or backwards. The machine reacts before damage can occur at the mould, as soon as an ejector’s movement starts to stiffen up.


The FANUC Corporation is one of the worldwide leaders in factory automation for CNC control systems, robots and production machinery (ROBODRILL, ROBOCUT and ROBOSHOT). Since 1956, FANUC is the pioneer in the development of numerically controlled machines in the automation industry. With more than 252 FANUC subsidiaries worldwide and more than 6,500 employees, FANUC offers a dense network in sales, technical support, research & development, logistics and customer service.

Source: FANUC
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