ExxonMobil Chemical's new Santoprene TPV

ExxonMobil Chemical's new Santoprene TPV
ExxonMobil Chemical has introduced Santoprene 121-XXM200 TPV high flow thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV) grades for automotive parts requiring improved appearance and easier processing, such as glass encapsulated weatherseals for quarter lights and side fixed glass applications.

Santoprene 121-XXM200 TPV grades exhibit a low dynamic viscosity which results in enhanced flow over a wide range of shear to produce molded seals with excellent surface appearance and no flow marks.

Processability is improved as the injection pressure can be reduced by about 30-40 percent, injection temperatures can be lowered by 10 C (50 F) and shorter cycle times are possible, depending on part size and wall thickness. This may lead to sustainability benefits through less glass breakage and lower energy consumption, along with the fact that TPVs are also fully recyclable. In addition, cost savings are possible due to simplified processing and reduced cycle times.

"Santoprene 121-XXM200 TPV grades are part of our ongoing innovation to develop new TPVs that meet automotive industry requirements for lower cost and lighter weight engineered applications, while improving functional and aesthetic performance," said Michael Russo, global brand manager, Santoprene TPV, ExxonMobil Chemical.

The higher gloss levels of Santoprene 121-XXM200 TPV grades increase design flexibility, and specific mold graining can be used to match the surface aspect of extruded profiles. Santoprene 121-XXM200 TPV grades offer compression and tension set comparable to EPDM rubber, and exterior UV-resistance that meets OEM specifications. Requiring lower injection pressure, the new TPV grades are less sensitive to flow direction during molding. As a result, there is less risk of part warping, making it easier to set process conditions and mold design.

"The automotive industry requires exterior sealing systems that combine surface aspect harmonization with durable sealing performance. The new Santoprene 121-XXM200 TPV grades meet these needs," said Russo.

Available in two hardness levels, 60 Shore A and 75 Shore A, Santoprene 121-XXM200 TPV can be used as a drop in replacement for existing materials.

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