Extending cooling system`s the easy way

The Weco 250 AZ by gwk is a standard compact chiller with a rated cooling capacity of 251 kW at a water outlet temperature of 15°C. The pump has a maximum pumping capacity of 84 m3/h at a maximum pressure of 5 bar. The chiller at a width of 4,645 mm, a depth of 1,750 mm and a height of 2,350 mm, has a weight of 2,950 kg.

Compact chillers by gwk once connected to the process are ready to operate. For the user, this means that once the machine is set up on site and connected it is ready to use immediately. There is no labour intensive installation work to be done.

Lots of different industrial processes operate by adding and dissipating heat. The excess process heat is dissipated by targeted cooling using cold water directly from the cold water source. The process quality often depends directly on the constant temperature of the supplied cooling water.

Since the environmental conditions vary considerably depending on production location and season, reproducible operating parameters that can be applied globally can only be generated by means of independent cold water generators. In the lower and medium capacity range, compact chillers are used.

The equipment used in the manufacture of the air and water cooled compact chillers of the gwk weco series meets the latest technological standard.

The overall technical concept and the constant measuring and regulating technology employed by these chillers with microprocessor control systems especially tailored to the application give precise temperature control. Due to its very compact design - relative to capacity - set-up is possible even in the smallest of spaces.

- All our chillers are quality products and a result of more than 40 years of experience in industrial cooling - emphasizes Markus Buch, manager of chiller development at gwk. - The majority of the machines are still working every day after more than 20 years of operation under often extreme conditions.

As a specialized company for energy saving technology gwk is aware of its responsibility to the environment. For many years the focus for developing all chillers has been consistent use of environmentally friendly coolants. Partially halogenated coolants are no longer used and only the chlorine free coolant R 134a is now used as standard. Damage to the ozone layer is therefore completely avoided. Another decisive advantage of R 134a is the high operational safety of a chiller operated with this coolant which is able to operate in high ambient conditions.

- This is a quality that every production manager appreciates on hot summer days - says Markus Buch confidently.



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