Engel's record turnover in the last financial year

The proportion of system solutions with automation included is rising across all industries, and Engel is benefiting from this trend considerably as well. About 50% of all automated manufacturing cells supplied by European injection moulding machine manufacturers are made by Engel meaning Engel is now the world's leading provider of automated injection moulding processes. The main driving force behind this focus on innovation is Germany, which has a particularly high degree of automation and process integration. Automation is becoming more and more important throughout the world, however. The demand for automated system solutions is becoming greater in China, for example – and Engel is one of the most popular suppliers there as well. Dr Stefan Engleder, Engel Holding's Technology Director, says, "In injection moulding markets around the world, Engel is seen as a stable family-owned company who is application-oriented and innovative, and who is always expanding its range of system solutions."

Approximately 20% of Engel's global turnover is generated by its German branches, making Germany the most important country-specific market for the machine builder. In terms of sales volume, Germany is followed by Turkey and Russia, which currently occupy second and third places in Europe. Overall, 65% of the company's turnover is generated by Europe, while the American and Asian markets are responsible for 17 and 18% of the total turnover respectively.

Very positive progress was made in the North American market in the 2012/2013 financial year, where the medical and packaging industries have been adding new impetus. In Mexico, investments in the international car industry have aided growth more than anything else. The most important market in either of the American continents is Brazil, with sales volumes having increased continuously over the last few years. All in all, Engel was able to make a disproportionately large contribution to American growth in the last financial year.

In Asia, Engel generated a turnover of 145 million euros in 2012/2013 - which was also a new record. The largest share of this amount was produced in China, which is the world's biggest market for injection moulding machines. Although the total sales volume actually decreased in China last year, the high-tech segment grew again, and China will continue to be the most important market in Asia in future. "The market for simple low-tech machines is shrinking in China, while the demand for sophisticated high-tech injection moulding solutions is growing," explains Mr Pum. "There was never a break in the demand for European high technology, and we expect to be able to increase our turnover in China further."

World’s largest manufacturer of injection moulding machines and, at the same time, one of the world’s leading plastics processing machine manufacturers