Engel's record turnover in the last financial year

Engel's record turnover in the last financial year
In the 2012/2013 financial year Engel achieved a global turnover of 950 million euros. This represents a 14% increase for the Group based in Schwertberg, Austria, in comparison to the previous year and an overall increase of 165% since 2009/2010. Engel also expects further growth of about 5% each year for the next three years.

"Our aim is to be the best at creating customer benefit," Dr Peter Neumann, CEO of Engel Holding, stresses to international specialist press representatives in the run-up to K 2013. He adds: "Being near to our customers is the key to this. On one hand this means increasing our global production capacity and expanding our sales and service structures continuously, and on the other hand it means consistently aligning our products and technologies to the individual requirements of country-specific markets and target sectors. The very positive developments over the last few years confirm that we are definitely on the right track with this strategy, and we are keen to continue in our current direction."

Engel was able to increase its market shares all over the world, and its strong commitment levels in Asia played a major role here. In the relevant Asian market (European and Japanese technology), Engel now has a market share of 10%, in America, its market share is 18%, and in Europe the company has managed to increase this figure from 27% to 30% in just three years.

Technologically, energy-optimised machine concepts, integrated and automated system solutions, and industry-specific developments are contributing to this growth more than anything else. Thanks to its servo-hydraulic system, ecodrive, for example, Engel was able to significantly increase its market shares in the very competitive market segment of medium-sized injection moulding machines alone in 2012/2013. More than half of all Engel's hydraulic machines are now equipped with ecodrive.

As far as its target industries are concerned, Engel has seen the greatest growth in the automotive and packaging sectors. Engel's packaging market share is now over 20%. Christian Pum, Engel Holding's Sales Director, says: "We're seeing strong growth in the area of plastic packaging at the moment, and the benefit we're deriving from this is disproportionately high. In Europe, about 12% of all our injection moulding machines are currently sold to customers in the packaging industry. More and more large machines which work with moulds with high numbers of cavities are being sold here. These tend to be used as part of high-output solutions and employ energy-efficient drive concepts."


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