Engel invests in India

Engel invests in India
Engel is extending its sales base in Mumbai to include a technical centre and a seminar centre. In making the investment, the manufacturer of injection moulding machines and automation specialist is addressing the rising demands on plastics processing companies in India.

“The Indian market for injection moulding is transforming beyond recognition”, says Jitendra Devlia, Managing Director of Engel Machinery India Pvt. Ltd. “Issues like maximum product quality, long-term reproducibility, proper mould protection and set-up time optimisation are becoming ever more important to our clients.”

In order to carry on providing full, application-specific advice as well as the best possible service as demands increase, Engel India has taken up residence in new and significantly larger business premises close to Mumbai International Airport in the Andheri East district of the city.

The technical centre will be used for machine demonstrations, customer trials, pre-production and running mould trials. Tie-bar-less Engel victory machines with energy-saving servohydraulic Engel ecodrive, fully electric machines from the engel e-motion range (for extremely precise, high-speed applications) and Engel viper robots from Engel's latest linear generation will be used for these purposes.

Courses offered at the new training centre will lead to qualifications for machine operators and maintenance technicians; the basics of plastics processing will also be taught. Moreover, Engel India plans to invite customers and other interested parties in the plastics processing field to regular technology seminars. The Engel spare parts warehouse is also expanding in the course of the relocation to new premises.

Engel has been active in India for 13 years. “Over that time, Engel India has become the leading importer of high quality injection moulding technology”, reveals Jitendra Devlia. Growth rates are expected to remain high in India, the second most important Asian market for European manufacturers of plastics processing machines after China. Expansion is being driven by strong domestic demand in the automotive, packaging, white goods, agricultural and construction sectors.

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