Engel at Fakuma 2008

Engel at Fakuma 2008
With a motto of "Energise your future" the Austrian manufacturer of injection moulding machines, Engel, is exhibiting at Fakuma Friedrichshafen from 14 to 18 October. Energy optimised, powerful machine designs are the focus of this year`s trade fair presentation: the highlight is the new Engel duo 500 pico - a compact variant of the tried-and-trusted Engel duo large scale machine series. Besides this Engel will be presenting three fully electric machines and the Engel e-victory hybrid machine.

With raw material prices continuing to rise, and environmental issues on the increase, the need for energy efficient designs in mechanical engineering is becoming increasingly urgent. Sustainably energy efficient, but powerful - this is the path that Engel has followed for years. The latest machine developments provide impressive evidence of this. At Fakuma 2008 the world market leader will be presenting five machine designs that more than meet this goal. 340 square metres of floor space provide the backdrop for a thoroughly green demonstration of machine capabilities - and this does not just mean the colour of the machines.

The most important innovation from a machine-technology point of view is the newly developed, compact Engel duo 500 pico. Maximum power on a small footprint This is what Engel duo machines have represented for years. The Engel duo 500 pico brings the tried-and-trusted strengths of the large scale machines to the 500 ton clamping force class. The machine`s minimal footprint and low weight, thanks to a compact dual-platen clamping system, mean maximum energy efficiency, and very short dry cycle time of just 2.6 seconds. The duo 500 pico is thus the fastest dual platen machine on the market - despite its comparatively low energy requirements. At Fakuma, Eengel will be demonstrating a typical teletronics application. Using a duo 3550/500, Engel will be demonstrating the production of a front frame for a 20`` monitor, which is supplied to electronics companies by Hungarian Jasz Plasztik.

Further highlights with this machine: The duo 500 pico is equipped with a robot from the new Engel Linear series. With a weight-optimised but still extremely stable mechanical basis the new drive technology means dynamic action despite a very compact design. On top of this, a new I/O and BUS system guarantee minimal response and communications times.

Fully-electric, compact and extremely favourablel, but still equipped with the critical options that help customers optimise injection moulding. This is the new Engel e-max. Exhibited for the first time at K 2007, the machine offers both a comparatively small footprint due to its highly integrated drive and control technology, and maximum precision and process reliability. On top of this, the Engel e-max comes with a central power supply for the servo drives including recovery of braking energy. The benefits: Again maximum energy efficiency. An Engel e-max 310/100 with a clamping force of 100 tons will be demonstrating the production of an electronic component using a mould by Möller/Schrems (A).


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