Engel Injectie marks 10 years in Bucharest

Engel Injectie marks 10 years… Dr. Christoph Steger, CSO of the Engel Group based in Schwertberg, Austria, conveyed his thanks to the Engel Injectie team and passed on the congratulations of the owning families. In his view, the main reason for the continual expansion has been the high level of customer proximity in Romania, which is based on the continuity of the local team and its sensitivity to highly specific customer requirements.

Sergiu Sora and sales partner Georg Burtz have been involved from the outset. Before Engel Injectie was founded, they had been operating successfully for seven years in Romania’s injection moulding sector with their own technological agency. As a result, they did not only bring a wealth of experience, but also the first customers to the newly established company. Over the past 10 years, incoming orders and turnover have risen steadily. As part of the anniversary celebration, Engel Injectie awarded 12 customers for outstanding projects.

Service team continues to be strengthened

Starting out with seven employees, Engel Injectie now has a staff of 22 and continues to grow, with the service team expanding particularly fast. “We guarantee our customers we can reach their premises quickly and supply spare parts fast”, says Sora. Service technicians are therefore based at different locations, including Bucharest as well as five other industrial regions.

When the company relocated to larger premises in 2013, Engel Injectie gained a showroom; now it can hold small-scale events and training sessions in its own rooms. At the Politehnica University of Bucharest and Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Engel also provides injection moulding machines for the purposes of training, development projects and customer trials.

The importance of consultancy services

“The Romanian market is characterised by a high level of individual requirements,” says Sora. “Practically every customer has its own particular philosophy that we have to adapt to – but thanks to powerful application technology and a wealth of systems expertise, Engel is ideally placed to handle this. From single injection moulding machines to highly integrated and automated manufacturing cells, we can develop the ideal solution for every application. Consultancy in particular is extremely important to our customers.”

Engel Injectie Team

Sergiu Sora, Managing Director of Engel Injectie in Romania, (centre) with members of his expanding team. The 10th anniversary of the subsidiary was celebrated with customers and partners.

Source: Engel Austria GmbH

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