EcoPaxx for new high temperature abrasive monofilament

EcoPaxx for new high temperature… Royal DSM announced that its high performance bio-based EcoPaXX polyamide has been chosen as the basis for a series of new high temperature resistant abrasive monofilaments from the world's leading abrasive monofilament producer Hahl-Pedex.

Abrasive brush tools are used in a wide variety of industries for cleaning, deburring, structuring and finishing applications. Generally, they are made using an array of abrasive monofilaments consisting of a polymer such as PA6, PA610 and PA612, to which an abrasive material, such as silicium carbide, ceramic or diamond grit has been added. The performance of the abrasive brush tool depends to a large extent on the material properties and performance of the polymer employed. Key requirements typically include: continuous use temperature, abrasion resistance, bending stiffness, and also often UV resistance.

Hahl-Pedex is the world leader in abrasive monofilaments and together with DSM has developed AbraMaXX, a new series of abrasive monofilaments based on DSM's EcoPaXX Polyamide 410. PA410 has a considerably higher melting point (250°C) than PA610 (218°C) and PA612 (215°C) while maintaining an equal abrasion resistance and higher bending stiffness due to higher modulus. This means that the new abrasive monofilaments can be employed at higher temperatures, leading to a higher abrasion index. A higher abrasion index means longer brush tool lifetimes and more removed metal per brush tool weight.

Kees Tintel, Business Manager EcoPaXX, says: "The abrasive monofilaments, and also other technical monofilaments, are applications where EcoPaXX PA410's high melting point, stiffness, good abrasion and chemical resistance, and very good thermal stability at high continuous use temperature add real value. In addition to all this, EcoPaXX is also bio-based. We are very enthusiastic about exploring this field of applications together with our partner Hahl-Pedex".

Günter Muckenfuß, senior Advisor at Hahl-Pedex, says: "We expect that this range of products will fill the gap between the abrasive filaments with temperature class 100°C and the ultrahigh range with temperature class 250°C."

Hahl-Pedex currently offers the new AbraMaXX products in silicium carbide, ceramic and diamond grit versions.