Eco-friendly packaging from sustainable raw materials

Eco-friendly packaging from sustainable raw materials
100% non-toxic and biodegradable: compostable, eco-friendly packaging from sustainable raw materials by the Swiss market leader in flexible packaging solutions – for years the PetroplastVinora Group has pursued a proactive sustainability policy.

The packaging company is launching a high transparency, eco-friendly organic film, which can be used as a flowpack for packaging tomatoes, for example.

The environmentally-friendly packaging's shine, stability at low film strengths, suitability for printing and flexibility is impressive. It is possible to replace many conventional packaging products with this film. Heightened awareness of organic packaging has taken hold in the packaging industry too. PetroplastVinora AG, from Andwil in the Swiss canton of St Gallen, has been a European pioneer, manufacturing compostable films, bags and carrier bags for more than ten years.

PetroplastVinora has left no stone unturned in the breadth of its organic film range. "The organic film range extends from films for simple applications such as a carrier bag, for example, to complex, technical, multi-layered films, developed specifically for PetroplastVinora AG's customers", explains Roger Wehrli, marketing manager for the PetroplastVinora Group.

Not only does PetroplastVinora AG live and breathe the philosophy of sustainability, it is also a member of the "European Bioplastics" industry association and thus the perfect partner for successful sales. Many of the company's customers realise this too, as many ecologically-conscious companies from Switzerland and abroad rely on organic film packaging and carrier bags made in Andwil.

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