ENGEL automation on show at Fakuma 2017

ENGEL automation on show at Fakuma 2017
At Fakuma 2017, ENGEL will present the integrated version of its e-pic robots for the first time, clearly illustrating how efficiency potential can be maximised by combining injection moulding machines and robots. Within the integrated solutions, the CC300 control unit for ENGEL injection moulding machines becomes the main operating panel of the whole manufacturing cell; this means uniform parts data and alarm management as well as a unified look and feel. Consistent operating logic significantly simplifies activation and programming as well as control of robots and the manufacturing cell as a whole.

Integration is a key feature of ENGEL solutions. Since ENGEL supplies injection moulding machines and robots from a single source, the individual components of the manufacturing cell are seamless from a process control and mechanical viewpoint. Injection moulding machines, robots and other peripherals, such as conveyor belts, sprue chutes and protective covers, are coordinated in the design and arranged to be as space-saving as possible. Integrated manufacturing cells also ensure maximum security. A CE certificate will be obtained for the overall solution.

Of course, all ENGEL robots can be integrated subsequently to injection moulding machines via the EUROMAP 67 interface, regardless of the machine brand. No modifications to the injection moulding machine are required to connect the e-pic robots.

Small robots

The small robots in the e-pic series can be installed quickly and easily. When combined with an ENGEL injection moulding machine, the robots also offer the advantage of integrated control.

Efficiency control reduces energy consumption and wear

e-pic robots, the latest products in ENGEL’s automation range, are offered in two versions: as linear pick-and-place robots (e-pic Z) and servo sprue pickers (e-pic B). The main feature of the e-pic series is the robots’ lightweight swivel arm in place of a conventional x-axis. This completely new kind of kinematic system – a USP of ENGEL – significantly increases the dynamism and energy efficiency, reduces maintenance effort and enables a highly space-saving installation on the injection moulding machine. The swivel arm requires less space than a linear axis when moving towards both the injection and clamping sides; it also works around obstacles, such as core pulls or slides, quickly and easily. Operating the e-pic robot is therefore no more complicated than operating a linear robot. The control unit converts rotary movements into linear movements.

In a new development for Fakuma 2017, ENGEL will be equipping its e-pic robots with efficiency control. The robots use the software to adapt the speed of their movements to the injection moulding process, thereby reducing energy consumption and raising the lifespan of mechanical components. Efficiency control has been an established feature of viper linear robots for years.


30 percent faster than the conventional viper: the new viper 20 speed offers removal times of well under 1 second

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