Dual cells ensure precise weighing

Dual cells ensure precise…
The addition to the patented Graviko range is also a key element of the German company's stand at K-2013 in Düsseldorf. Werner Koch Maschinentechnik GmbH, more commonly known as Koch-Technik, is a leading provider of peripheral systems for plastic processing the world over.

Graviko, a gravimetric dosing and mixing system, provides the user with a range of products for dosing material for injection moulding, extrusion and blow moulding. Depending on the Graviko device type, material throughput of 3 kg to 2000 kg an hour is possible in the plastic processing system. The recently unveiled GK 65 is the latest addition to the proven series of gravimetric dosing products and provides a throughput of up to 70 kg of plastic an hour. Alongside the main component, the basic version weighs up to three volumetrically added material components in its internal, vibration-free weighing container. This is the first Graviko product to have two synchronous precision load cells to yet further improve the continuity and precision of the weighing process. Every filling is weighed one hundred times in succession. The dual weighing unit registers the values and transfers them to the Koch control unit. This in turn compensates for fluctuations until the dosing recipe is reached accurately. Once all values match, the dosed batch is emptied into the mixer below. Here a horizontal agitator homogenises the mixture before it is processed in the subsequent shaping process.

The Mcm-g Touch control unit from Koch-Technik is used to calculate and control the dosage values as stated in the recipe. This easy-to-use device is designed to operate smoothly with all gravimetric dosing systems. All dosing parameters are set and monitored on the touchscreen's graphic interface. Once the recipe has been entered, dosing takes place starting with the first cycle without the need for calibration. The 'inner' qualities are impressive too, with options for saving programs and recipes, a ground material program, FTP server and control for the hopper loader and blower which makes the Graviko series independent of a centrally created material conveyance if required. All interfaces for networking and inclusion in the production-monitoring visualisation software are provided as options.

Because the Graviko devices are structured using Koch-Technik's modular system, the user can move, swivel away or fold up all device components for rapid material changes - quickly and without the need for tools. The gravimetric devices are used directly on the processing machine or as accompanying dosing and mixing stations.

The gravimetric dosing function of the patented Graviko results in the highly accurate dosing of various material components and offers long-term stability. This new product offers the user the benefits of improved dosing accuracy and absolutely correct dosing regardless of the bulk materials used.

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