DuPont introduces new, thinner SentryGlas

DuPont Glass Laminating Solutions announces commercial availability of new 0.9-mm (35-mil) DuPont SentryGlas clear interlayer for use in making strong, protective windows, doors and safety-glazed building elements.

Originally launched in 1.52- and 2.28-mm (60- and 90-mil) thicknesses, DuPont SentryGlas immediately helped architects and engineers meet toughened building codes in areas such as Florida, subject to hurricane-level destructive forces.

Because SentryGlas is 100 times stiffer than traditional polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayers, it also finds use in higher-performing structural laminated glass, such as in railings, stairs, floors and advanced facade designs.

- Adding a thinner SentryGlas helps us expand the range of applications we can serve - said Hayati Yarkadas, DuPont global business director for advanced interlayers. - Beyond storms, people worry about intruders, home safety and health, and energy-efficient living; SentryGlas can make a big difference in all these areas.

The markets for thinner SentryGlas sheets include solar power generation, where clean energy production can be made more cost-effective through the design of longer-lasting, lighter-weight modules.

Five times tougher than conventional PVB interlayers, ionomer-based SentryGlas? is also 10 percent lighter in density, more resistant to moisture, and less susceptible to edge defects after lamination. Combined, these advantages can help architects create lighter, brighter, larger open spaces. Engineers can design stronger, more durable, more protective building elements such as skylights, rails, stairs, doors, storefronts and open-edged glazing.

- Laminators and window companies wanted a thinner grade of SentryGlas, to help replace thicker constructions using PVB - explains Yarkadas. - They report that more and more architects and engineers are asking for SentryGlas, and looking for thinner choices to meet a wider range of protection needs.

DuPont SentryGlas 0.9 mm interlayer sheets are available to laminators worldwide.

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