Drymax Primus material dryers from Wittmann

Drymax Primus material dryers…
One of the main indicators of the positive turnaround which the plastics industry’s business has taken in the course of the last year is a sharp rise in the demand for new peripheral equipment. But this obviously genuine demand also goes hand in hand with a noticeable tendency to limit the amount of investment.

With its Drymax Primus series, Wittmann now offers a range of high-performance material dryers in configurations which enable attractive pricing and simultaneously leave nothing to be desired for customers in terms of delivery times.

The compact Wittmann dryers from the Drymax Primus series of appliances are available in three versions with different dry air capacities. All models come with stainless steel drying silos and are mobile for flexible use in the production hall. The dried material can be removed either manually or via an automatic loader, whichever is preferred; every drying silo is prepared for connection with a Feedmax single loader.

The Primus ES40 model comes with only one desiccant bed. The regeneration phase has been kept as short as possible to minimize interruption of dry air supply. By comparison, the two other models each come with two desiccant beds, so that they supply a continuous flow of air and a consistent quality of dry air for perfect drying of the material.

Drying plastic granulates normally requires a relatively high amount of energy. This is why Wittmann has already concentrated for many years on the energy-efficiency of material dryers. As a result, all models of the Drymax Primus series are equipped with special energy-saving functions as standard. In every appliance, regeneration of the desiccant takes place during the particularly energy-saving counter airflow regeneration phase.

Here, the desiccant is demoisturized extremely fast “in the direction opposite to the moisturizing airflow”. Drymax Primus E60 comes with the additional SmartReg energy-saving function, which ensures optimal timing for regulating the regeneration and cooling of the desiccant bed.

All appliances come with a material protection function which prevents overdrying and thermal damage to the material.

Every drying silo is made of stainless steel, equipped with a hinged cover and a sight glass, and insulated against heat loss. Silos with 150 l capacity also have a heat-insulated cleaning door.

The drying temperature, which can be set between 80 °C and 130°C, covers the entire temperature range applicable to most common types of plastics. If a higher temperature is required for efficient drying of certain materials, the models Drymax Primus E30 and Primus E60 can be retrofitted for high-temperature applications, which allow process temperatures of up to 180 °C.

Wittmann worldwide is one of the leading manufacturers of robots and peripheral equipment for the plastics industry. The Wittmann group with Headquarters in Vienna is a worldwide operating company with 7 production facilities and 20 branch offices in all major plastics markets in the world.

Wittmann’s product range includes robots and automation systems, automatic material handling with dryers and plastic recycling, temperature controllers and chillers for machine tools and volumetric and gravimetric blenders.