Colines acquires Torninova

Colines acquires Torninova GRUPPO COLINES HOLDING, a company based in Nibbia - San Pietro Mosezzo (Novara), active in the production of lines and machinery for plastics processing, has finalized a business branch lease agreement aimed at the acquisition of the sector of the company TORNINOVA Srl in Bastia Umbra (Perugia) – represented by Mr Massimo Mencarelli, CEO - dedicated to manufacturing, assembling and maintenance of equipment for producing plastics materials in general and, in particular, air-bubble film.

GRUPPO COLINES HOLDING, already a key player in the global market with its subsidiaries COLINES® SpA and ELAV® Srl, operating with a production range including eight sectors, thanks to this integration intends to strengthen also its predominant global sales volume– besides its technological superiority - in the field of machinery for producing protective air-bubble film.

- This operation - as commented by Eraldo Peccetti, President and CEO of GCH – expresses a perfect combination and substantial synergy between the high technology of the machinery for air-bubble film - and not only - designed and sold by COLINES® since the early ‘70s and the large number of lines for the same application designed and sold by TORNINOVA since the ‘90s all over the world.