Certification: Training at Arburg gets treble thumbs up

The prescribed procedures are adapted and checked every year, both internally and also externally by TÜV Süd. "The quality handbook for training standardises our practices. This has a positive effect on the overall efficiency of our work," says Michael Vieth confidently.

The LQW certificate confirms "learner-oriented quality testing in further training"

In the LQW certification process, the procedures were assessed from the perspective of the trainees - in line with the guidelines for "learner orientation". The basis of the self-evaluation report for assessment by the auditor was the "Training Mission Statement" prepared by the instructor team. This certificate is the result of more than a year's work. In a final audit meeting, strategic goals to be achieved before the second review in four years' time were formulated for the LQW-driven process of continuous improvement. Like ISO certification, LQW testing is a continuous process of improvement to which the department is permanently committed.

Seal of quality: 1 A Excellent training company

Above and beyond the actual basic principles of training, the "1 A Excellent Training Company" seal of quality from the IHK Chamber of Industry and Commerce also assesses personnel development and career planning, the qualification of employees in training and training support by a training company. As a company, Arburg has also satisfied these criteria since 2014. In 2017, the company received this seal of approval for the second time. Training goes far beyond the legal requirements, evidence of our commitment to the promotion of young talent. A good example of this is the programme of international placements for trainees and DHBW students.

Info days: insights into triple training certification

This triple certification will act as a strong signal to all young people seeking reliable and interesting training with a future from one of the region's biggest training providers. For anyone who would like to see the options for training and study for themselves and get practical insights, information days will take place at Arburg in Lossburg from 14 to 16 June 2018.

Arburg Certification

Pride in triple training certification: Managing Partner Renate Keinath, Director Georg Anzer (left) and Head of Training Michael Vieth.

Source: Arburg


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