Can Pack have started its operations in Great Britain and prepares entering on the Egyptan market

Can – Pack, the company based in Poland, strengthens its position on the international cans and closures market.

First consignments of 44 cl cans for the British market were produced last week at the newly built Can-Pack UK factory in Scunthorpe. The factory is prepared for installation of a second line of similar capacity in the future. The investment is a next step in the creation of a strong position of Can-Pack Group in Europe. The factory will supply modern packages to local customers in Great Britain, and also export a part of its production to Ireland and to some countries of continental Europe.

Ends for the cans produced in England are supplied by the super-modern end making plant in Bydgoszcz. That plant started production in the fourth quarter of 2008.
At the beginning of 2009, Can-Pack Metal Closures, a subsidiary of Can-Pack S.A., established a joint venture company with the seat in Cairo, with the participation of Linco Joint Stock Company, a crown cork producer on the Egyptian market.

Establishment of the joint venture company called Can Pack Linco is a part of the strategy of Can-Pack Group to build a crown cork holding, whose production capacity and scope of operation shall secure flexibility of supplies of crown closures to customers in all of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. After the establishment of the joint venture company in Egypt, Can-Pack Group presently possesses crown making plants in Poland, the Czech Republic, France, Slovakia, Ukraine and Egypt, with the total production capacity of over 23 billion crown corks per annum.

From the beginning of 2007, beverage cans with 250 ml/330 ml volume are manufactured in a new factory in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, which was launched together with a production centre of the following beverage ends: SOT 200, SOT 202, RPT 200 & RPT 206. The production capacity of the beverage can making line at the factory in Dubai was also increased last December.



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