Brazilian biopolymers producer at K 2013

Brazilian biopolymers producer…
Brazilian company Braskem operates from 2002. The company was formed by the consolidation of six companies: Copene, OPP, Trikem Nitrocarbono, Proppet and Polialden. Braskem is nowadays the greatest South American polyolefins manufacturer, producing 16 mln tons per year of thermoplastics resins and other chemical products. The company runs 36 industrial sites, 29 in Brasil, five in US and two in Germany. In 2012 annualy revenue was $21,6bn.

The company is well known as a producer of green polyethylene, based on renewable resources. Green PE is obtained from a renewable source - sugarcane ethanol - while retaining the performance characteristics of a traditional PE.

At K show the company presented a new family of polymers - Maxio. The new line of resins offers efficiency gains for the plastics chain and reduces environmental impacts caused by manufacturing processes. Benefits include reducing energy consumption by lowering processing temperatures, shorter production cycles, the elimination of production phases and lower use of raw materials, while maintaining the properties of the final product.

More on the novelties of the company and its development plans say Roger Marchioni in our video.


Braskem is a producer of thermoplastic resins, operating 29 industrial plants in Brazil and the United States