Bosch Packaging Technology has enhanced competences in process technology

Bosch Packaging Technology has enhanced competences in process technology
Adding Manesty tablet presses and coaters to its portfolio, Bosch Packaging Technology enhanced its competences in process technology by important new components.

The new Xpress 100 tablet press and the Xpress 700 in its updated version as well as the XL Cota 150 tablet coater are among these products.

The tablet presses of the Xpress product range fulfill the pharmaceutical industry’s needs for flexibility and safety, as well as low investment and operation costs. The new Manesty Xpress 100 with its data acquisition system provides an ideal platform for evaluation of new tableting formulations. With a range of flexible turret options, clinical trial batches can also be produced. On the Xpress 100 the same mpower-software is used as on the production machines, enabling easier comparison of test results.

The Xpress product range consists of single and double-sided rotary tablet presses as well as a WiP-option (Washing in Place) allowing for flexible tablet production of small, medium and large batch sizes. The well-proven Manesty concept “Stepped cabinet” focuses on customer’s interests in short product changeover times as well as the highest level of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

The double-sided tablet press Xpress 700 manufactures up to one million tablets per hour. A single-layer tablet press can be converted to the bi-layer version in less than one hour. The machine features automatic weight control for each layer and complete segregation of different materials for a clearly defined demarcation line of the tablets.

The machines are characterized by a modern, ergonomic design that provides plenty of customer benefits. With the complete segregation of production and mechanical zones, the Manesty concept not only helps avoiding product contamination but also protects maintenance staff. Fast and simple opening of both upper and lower pressure rolls ensures easy access to the compression zone and significantly reduces tool changing times. A newly developed combination of removable turret and exchangeable die plate offers fast changeover and easier cleaning meeting the demands of the pharmaceutical industry for high productivity and process flexibility. The compact footprint with integrated electrical and pneumatic control components results in less floor space and simplified equipment maintenance compared with other tablet press systems. The robust construction avoids vibration of the base frame, reducing the need for spare parts and leads to a long life time of the machines resulting in low investment and operational costs.

All Manesty tablet coaters use fully perforated pan technology delivering efficient and controllable coating processes. Manesty coaters also feature unique and patented spray gun and mixing baffle technologies and with tailored air treatment handling systems ensure fast processing of production batches. The XL Cota 150 was developed for batches up to 230 litres. Designed for use with aqueous, organic solvent or sugar coating media, optional control and cleaning systems provide a comprehensive solution for tablet coating.

With the acquisition of Manesty, based in Knowsley, UK and Hüttlin GmbH in Schopfheim, Germany, Bosch Packaging Technology consequently extended its portfolio in pharmaceutical process technology and complemented the upstream value-added chain. For more than 80 years, Manesty has been one of the leading suppliers of high-quality tablet presses and coating systems to the global pharmaceutical industry. Manesty has been trading under the name Bosch Packaging Technology Ltd. since Bosch acquired the company in August 2011.

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