Bosch Packaging Technology expands its site in China

Bosch Packaging Technology expands its site in China
Bosch Packaging Technology, a leading supplier of process and packaging technology, is expanding its operations in China and enlarging its site in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province.

In 2010, the company already doubled its production capacity, extending the shop floor area to some 9,000 square meters. Now, the office building will be enlarged by a third floor. The additional 1,400 square meters will provide space for about 120 new associates. The construction started in May this year; the offices will be ready for use in October.

“We have invested 1.1 million Euros respectively 8.6 million Yuan in the new office area, making it a total investment of about 10 million Euros/87 million Yuan since we established the site,” says Friedbert Klefenz, President of Bosch Packaging Technology. The final size of the site has not yet been reached, though. In 2012, an additional 5,000 square meters will be added to the shop floor. Further expansions are planned.

From its Hangzhou base, the company – meanwhile the largest local supplier of packaging machinery in terms of sales – delivers mainly into the Chinese market. Annual growth rates of the industries supplied by Bosch, which include the pharmaceuticals, food and confectionery industries, are about 15 percent in China. Bosch Packaging Technology however grows more quickly than the markets, and thus continues to gain market share.

The new office floor will be inaugurated on October 21. At the same time, the site will celebrate its tenth anniversary and the 125th anniversary of the Bosch Group. “Ten years ago, we started with 14 employees,” explains General Manager Walter Häcki. “Today, the site employs some 390 associates, produces around 400 machines each year and continues to grow.” Mr. Häcki says he is proud that Bosch technology contributes to the country’s economic growth.

“Our biggest boom is in pharmaceuticals”, he explains. Bosch´s Packaging site in Hangzhou does not only produce standard solutions that are tailored to local needs, such as Pack111 which is a horizontal flow wrapper in the medium output range: The site also manufactures complete packaging lines for its main business of pharmaceuticals that meet pharmaceutical standards worldwide. This includes systems for filling and packaging vials and ampoules, pure steam generators, stills and autoclaves.

Mr. Häcki is convinced that “expansion in emerging markets will become the decisive factor for the economic success of packaging machine manufacturers in the future.” With his statement Mr. Häcki refers to local development and manufacturing, knowledge exchange with European lead plants, a product portfolio covering the customer’s entire value chain and a close-knit service network. “We can only reach our ambitious targets for China with qualified local staff so developing the potential of our associates is of paramount importance for me.”

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