Biodegradable packaging for Interceptor mosquito nets

Biodegradable packaging for Interceptor mosquito nets
BASF has developed a fully biodegradable packaging system for its Interceptor insecticide-treated mosquito nets.

The new packaging concept solves the disposal issue which is pressing in many African countries. It also offers improvements suggested by partners working in regions where malaria is endemic. BASF will deliver several thousand nets with the new packaging in the coming months. If customer feedback is positive, all Interceptor nets will be sold in this environmentally friendly packaging.

- The new packaging system exploits BASF’s expertise in paper - says Claus Kaiser, production manager for Interceptor.

The requirements for the new bags are high: Next to biodegradability, an extraordinary tensile strength must be guaranteed because the bags need to withstand extremely high pressure during baling. This process is necessary to reduce the volume of the nets during shipment. Moreover, many NGOs with experience in malaria endemic areas suggested that the new bags should come with detachable use instructions and net identifier tags with a barcode. This will allow users to keep the care and use instructions and allow partners to track and record the distribution of nets.

The bags have proven to be successful in a series of tests that confirmed their strength and simple handling. Now BASF will distribute thousands of Interceptor nets in the new eco-friendly bags in the next few months to evaluate consumer acceptance in select African countries.

- I’m glad that we were able come up with an environmentally-friendly and innovative solution for Interceptor packaging - says Claus Kaiser, which meets the requirements of our partners and their customers in the fight against malaria.

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