Bianor starts successfully into the new business year

Bianor starts successfully… Bianor, the injection moulding specialist, is looking back at a successful business year 2012. Due to several new clients like the Blanco Kitchen Technology Group, Brita and Vorwerk, the Polish-Dutch joint venture was able to continue establishing itself on the German market in the area of high-precision plastic parts. Moreover, Bianor has initiated new projects with longstanding clients, like Philips, and expands most of its co-operations for 2013. The increased portfolio underlines Bianor's innovativeness and flexibility: in 2012 more than 60 percent of all moulds, the company is producing for its clients, were new developments; about one fourth of these were for German clients. The production volume for new parts amounted to 19,3 Mio in the last year.

Enhanced focus on an integrated service approach is one of the important aspects that lead to the positive developments and forecasts for 2013. "As full-service partner we support our clients from development, via manufacturing up to assembly and lean supply chain - just in time and based on the highest quality standards," says Hans de Haas, CEO at Bianor. "With our products and services we want to continually improve the competitiveness of our clients within the European market. This includes development and implementation of innovative methods and state-of-the art technologies customized to the client's individual needs." Especially in the area of co-development Bianor's clients are appreciative of synergy and cost saving effects. From the very beginning the experts from Bianor help to optimize the product and design development from the manufacturer and supply perspective. That makes the entire production process more predictable and effective. Clients like Philips and Makita benefit, for instance, from cost reductions within the manufacturing process, shorter time to market and optimized product design. This success will be continued in new projects.

Over the past years Bianor has been a leader in applying premium surface finishing techniques and new materials. The company responds to the specific requirements of clients and the market flexibly and innovatively. This opens up interesting new fields for Bianor, e.g. in packaging. The manifold design
possibilities can be realized for both, the cosmetic mass market and for high-end products. For a leading global supplier of packaging solutions for the fast moving consumer goods (FMCGs), Bianor built a fully automated cell for the development and manufacturing of special plastic containers, including injection moulding, assembly and testing. The integrated in-mould labeling process (IML) enables surface finishing in one step during the moulding process.

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