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Plastics processing, household goods parts, technical parts for different sectors

Address details:

Str. Myśliwska 18
Poland, 15-569 Białystok

Company overview
Bianor is a leading injection moulding company. We manufacture a wide range of plastic products and components for the consumer and professional markets. We offer co-development capabilities from initial concept and tooling to mass production. We focus on producing low-tolerance, high-quality components, decoration, finishing techniques and the provision of (sub-) assembly services. Located in Białystok, Poland, we produce parts for as prestigious partners as Philips' Senseo, Makita or Bosch-Siemens-Hausgeräte.

Bianor - Injection Moulding

Plastic Solutions
Bianor supplies high-quality products at competitive prices. We invite you to discover how we can contribute to enhance your market effectiveness and flexibility, reduce market introduction lead-times without compromising flexibility, quality and logistics so often experienced when outsourcing to low-cost-countries.
Production capacities
We apply advanced planning tools which enable us to produce more than 300 different components and products. Our monthly production reaches 5.2 million units. We have around 320 employees who work in a 4-shift system ensuring a 24/7 productivity.
Injection Moulding
Bianor possesses over 56 injection-moulding machines with clamping force ranges of between 50 and 1200 tonnes.
Our Moulding capabilities include:
  • Unique and innovative BRBM technology (Bianor Rotary Blow Moulding),
  • Mass production of visual elements (ABS, PP),
  • Fast cycle time production unit,
  • Production of technical (POM, PBT, PET),
  • 2K injection moulding,
    - Finishing Technologies.
  • Tampon printing (TTN, IP),
  • Polypropylene overprint: flame activation, coronation process (TANTEC),
  • Multi-colour overprint,
  • Curved surface overprint.
  • Plastic parts decoration with water and solvent paints,
  • Effects: gloss, metallic, ‘soft touch’.
In-Mould Finishing
  • Tailoring products through in-mould labelling,
  • Integrated creation different,
  • Textures.
Bianor is specialised in the assembly of components in which plastics comprise a significant part of the BOM. Bianor’s project management capabilities ensure that full control is maintained throughout the assembly process. We offer Hot Plate welding as well.

Detailed data you can find out at our website http://bianorsolutions.com