Ball Packaging Europe at drinktec 2013

Message with a bottle

Ball will be presenting more novelties at drinktec: For example, the Aluminum Bottle, which Ball is also now able to offer customers in a long-neck version. These long-neck bottles with a crown cork are available in sizes from 33 cl to 47.3 cl (11-16-oz.) and can be designed in eight colors, including precious gold and silver. That makes them the perfect container for classy events and premium locations, conveying just the right image for high-quality brands. "With our aluminum bottles, beverage makers also have an opportunity to stand out at the point of sale - particularly with their premium products," comments Benoit Hirszowski. "This high-caliber combination of bottle and can is particularly suitable for beer or mixed spirit-based beverages." Ball is also showcasing the practical Alumi-Tek bottle. Thanks to its re-sealable twist cap, the Alumi-Tek bottle is ideal for enjoying drinks while out and about. And best of all, like beverage cans, these aluminum bottles are both ideal for printing and can be completely recycled after use.

Drink enjoyment "on the go"

Beverage cans are particularly attractive to the young, active and mobile consumer. These consumer groups like to know that they can enjoy their drink "on the go" - whether in sport, at a concert or in other leisure activities. The unbreakable can is particularly suitable for such occasions, giving effective protection from light and air in equal measure not only for beer, soft and energy drinks. The special Wine Can from Ball with its "Protected Quality" seal also offers young wine drinkers an optimum mix of convenience, small portion sizes and high-quality drinking enjoyment.

Interactive promotions

Ball will also be showing how, with Augmented Reality applications or Quick Response (QR) codes, interactive promotion concepts can be created to enhance brand loyalty among consumers in a fun and engaging way. According to the study "Global Interactive Packaging Market 2012-2013" of the British market research organization Visiongain, it is a segment that is growing particularly quickly. "Consumers want interactive packaging in which they themselves become part of a campaign," says Benoit Hirszowski. "The link between the online and the offline world also creates a special, personal experience."

However, the Ball booth will not just be about new product ideas for beverage cans and aluminum bottles. Visitors to Stand A1.302 will also be able to learn more about the latest developments in the field of printing technology, including for example possibilities for attention-grabbing visual and tactile designs.



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