BIAXPLEN launches production of new kinds of film

BIAXPLEN launches production of new kinds of film
The Novokuibyshev-based enterprise BIAXPLEN NC hosted a ceremony for the launching of three new production lines, which should boost output from 26 thsd to 42 thsd tonnes per annum. The total investment in the expansion of the plant’s production facilities exceeds 500 mln rubles.

Thanks to its barrier, the optical and physical-mechanical properties of polymer film has result in it being widely used for packing goods in the food, perfume, tobacco, paper and other light industries. Earlier, BIAXPLEN NC was only engaged in the production of biaxially oriented polypropylene film (BOPP).

New types of film offer a different set of consumer properties. In particular, non-oriented 3-layer coextruded polypropylene film is characterised by high resistance to punctures and is widely used for lamination, as with BOPP and other kinds of film.
5-layer co-extruded polypropylene blown film has a high shrinking capacity, which ensures a high integrity seal in terms of further lamination and the opportunity to create complex materials for packaging bulk, grocery, and frozen foods, foods containing oils and fats, as well as coffee and tea.

The main properties of the 5-layer coextruded polyethylene film (stretch) include the ability to reversibly stretch and its excellent resistance to tearing, punctures, and bursting. This stretch film is designed for packaging products on pallets without the use of special equipment, as well as packaging goods on pallets using a rotating coil.
Thanks to the projects that have been implemented, in 2011, the percentage of sales of BIAXPLEN products on the Russian market should be 17% for non-oriented 3-layer coextruded polypropylene film, 3% for polypropylene blown film, and 4% for stretch film.

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Biaxplen is a leading steady growing manufacturer of BOPP films in Russia