Arburg to show trend-setting innovation at K 2013

Mould highlight: fully electric cube-mould application
A further highlight is the fully-electric cube-mould application for the production of juice container closures, which will be presented jointly with Arburg partner Foboha. On the electric two-component Allrounder 720 A with a clamping force of 3,200 kN, the large size 800 injection unit is arranged horizontally and the small size 400 injection unit is arranged horizontally and on the moving mounting platen of the machine. In this application, fully electric means that both rotation of the cube and the linear sliding motion of the 12+12-cavity mould are driven electrically. This results in advantages in terms of precision and cycle time and thus higher system productivity.

Machine focus: electric Allrounders
Further exhibits will also demonstrate the versatility and high performance of the electric Allrounders.
An Allrounder 370 E from the Edrive series is integrated together with a six-axis robotic system and an inline printing system from fpt Robotik into a production cell.

An Allrounder 470 A will provide impressive evidence of the potential of the high-performance Alldrive machine series. A 64-cavity mould from Männer will produce high-precision, delicate dosage units in a cycle time of only two seconds.

The use of electric machines in the medical technology sector under clean room conditions will be demonstrated by an Allrounder 520 A. The machine, in a stainless steel version, produces pipettes in a cycle time of around 4.5 seconds on a 64-cavity mould made by Tanner. As an automation component, a Vario-TIP system by Waldorf Technik is used, which has been specially designed for the handling of pipette tips.

Multi-component technology applications in focus
In addition to electric mould technology and Particle-foam Composite Injection Moulding, further multi-component applications are planned. Together with cooperation partner Rico, a thermoplastic and liquid silicone (LSR) combination will be shown. Suction cups such as those used for moving bulky or heavy loads in logistics will be produced on a hydraulic Allrounder 570 S with two injection units in an L-arrangement. During production of the suction cups, a metal threaded bushing is inserted by a Multilift V robotic system and overmoulded with the two components.

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