Amcor introduced new PET jar

- In our latest unit trials - Patcheak adds - independent data loggers verified performance through the filler, the cooler and all the way to pack-out. We held the seal throughout the entire line process.

Petersmark and Patcheak also noted that Amcor`s Big Mouth patented panel design provides a smooth surface for full-wrap or shrink labels without potential wrinkling that could occur on ?ribbed` PET containers.

- If labels are applied when hot-filled packages are still warm as the product cools further, some wrinkling could occur as the ribs collapse. That would not happen with our jar - Patcheak said.

For processors whose products call for special shelf life needs, Amcor can incorporate additional barrier material into Big Mouth formulations.

- The quality and reliability of our service is recognized throughout the industry - Petersmark added. - Whether setting up a line, addressing a customer problem or maintaining on-spec, on-time, within-budget deliveries, Big Mouth and our support system are production ready now.

Recently conducted consumer focus groups provided a hearty endorsement for Amcor`s newest product. The studies showed that consumers highly approved of the unbreakable design, the see-through factor and kid-friendly attributes. They also liked the environmental advantages of a lightweight and recyclable jar.

- When consumers in the groups were shown the Big Mouth container, their immediate response was favorable - states LaTricia Fry, Marketing Manager at Amcor PET. - Big Mouth out-ranked every package now available in the market, and the participants liked the idea that an alternative to glass would be available in their favorite food categories.

Amcor PET Packaging is the leading manufacturer of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic packaging for the global beverage, food and non-food industries, with over 60 manufacturing sites in 12 countries. Its parent company, Amcor Limited, offers a broad range of packaging solutions and ranks as one of the top three packaging companies in the world. Amcor`s extensive operations, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia includes 217 plants in 34 countries and reported sales revenues of $7.5 billion (U.S.) for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2008.