AQ-file conveyor: single-file accumulation

AQ-file conveyor: single-file accumulation
Sidel launches its new single-file accumulation solution: a flexible and ergonomic system for all types of applications.

The AQ-File conveyor can be used for the accumulation of a very wide range of containers, both filled and empty, regardless of the material used, particularly those with complex shapes that are not suitable for mass accumulation. It can be used on bottling lines with speeds of less than 30,000 bottles per hour, for all types of industries: wine and spirits, liquid dairy products, food, home and personal care, etc.

AQ-File was developed with a simple operating principle and an open design: it is composed of a horizontal chain that winds around a wheel mounted on a mobile carriage. Accumulation is done by varying the length of the accumulation chain: the carriage moves back to create accumulation and advances to discharge the containers. AQ-File therefore operates without transfer and with just a single chain.

The simple design of AQ-File, based on the principle for a standard single-file conveyor, offers optimal accessibility for all of its components, at chest height, in contrast with spiral or shielded solutions. It also guarantees easy, limited maintenance. In addition, AQ-File retains all of the qualities associated with single-file accumulation: respect for container orientation and FIFO conveying (First In First Out).

Thanks to the simplicity of its operating principle, the AQ-File conveyor is perfectly suited to multi-format applications, and it handles format changeovers with minimal adjustment. Due to its variable capacity and speeds, it provides great flexibility of use in managing accumulation times as a function of production characteristics.

In terms of layout, AQ-File demonstrates the same flexibility. It can be easily integrated into all existing lines, and it interfaces with any single-file conveyor. Fully adaptable to specific requirements, it is available in lengths from 10 to 50 meters and in variable configurations: from one to three modules in parallel, in straight or L configuration.

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