100th Duroset machine from Kraussmaffei

100th Duroset machine from Kraussmaffei
KraussMaffei’s CX injection moulding machine series (35 to 650 t) is a range of extremely versatile machines. Austrian plastics processor MKW recently installed a new CX machine for thermoset processing. The machine is the 100th thermoset machine produced as part of the CX series since KraussMaffei began the staged introduction of this new series, which has superseded the earlier C series.

MKW, headquartered in Weibern/Upper Austria has broad-based activities in the fields of plastics and metal processing. Versatile is a description that also applies to the latest addition to MKW’s machine park – a CX 80-750 DUR from KraussMaffei.

Currently, the machine is equipped for the DuroSet process, working with free-flowing granulate. At the same time, it is prepared for handling polyester moulding compounds, which are not free-flowing. MKW is now rolling out thermoset injection moulding activities.

As soon as it was operational, the new CX gave an impressive demonstration of the expanding application spectrum for plastics, which are increasingly replacing metals. In this case, the CX was producing components for office furniture that would normally be made of diecast metal. The manufacturing cell includes an LRX 50 linear robot for transverse parts removal, also supplied by KraussMaffei.

MKW, the acronym for Metall- und Kunststoffwerk Weibern (Weibern Metal and Plastics), began in 1960 as a two-man operation. Today it is a successful group of companies with around 400 employees.

In addition to its main plant in Weibern, MKW has plants in Haag/Upper Austria, Prešov in Slovakia and Ermolino near Moscow. The company still specializes in both plastics and metal processing, working with wire, sheet metal, galvanizing and powder coating. The metal-processing capability is complemented by MKW’s extensive injection moulding experience and intensive know-how. The company has its own development team and an in-house mouldmaking department.


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