100% film made from post-consumer waste

The extrusion system with the patented TVEplus technology has especially been optimized for the treatment of materials that are difficult to process such as in the present case washed mixed post-consumer film waste with a high percentage of residual humidity between 8 and 12% and a high degree of contamination. Poligroup GmbH is thus able to recycle the PE washed film flakes (from LLDPE stretch agricultural film and LDPE industrial waste) into high-quality granulates.
At the core of the plant, on the multifunctional cutter compactor with patented air flush module, the material with still a small amount of residual humidity and remaining contaminations is optimally recycled. Cutting, homogenizing, heating, degassing, densifying, buffering and dosing – everything in one single step.
The well-proven principle of the whole TVEplus system is the arrangement of the melt filtration before the degasification of the extruder with the two important advantages: one is that the minimal shearing impact during the melting process prevents a further size reduction of the contaminations before the filtration and thus increases the efficiency of the filtering process. Another advantage is the fact that contaminations due to their early removal from the recycling system cannot prematurely outgas and thus additionally reduces the accumulation of odours to a minimum in the produced regranulate.

The optimized threefold degassing process of the TVEplus plant additionally ensures an efficient degasification of the filtered fusion. The thus produced regranulates are transformed by up to 100% into bin liners, protective sheets and construction foils by Poligroup GmbH.

Nikolay Tomov, Production Manager with Poligroup GmbH, underlines further advantages of the Erema system: "The system also stands out through its easy handling and long service life of the wear parts such as filter screen and pelletiser knives. Generally, one can say that this plant is really tailor-made just for our application. To sum it up, for us it means a maximum of efficiency."

With the successful operation of the film washing line for Poligroup, Herbold has marked another milestone and strengthened their position as a leading manufacturer of hydro-mechanical recycling plants for film waste with throughputs between 500 kg/h and 3,000 kg/h.

Poligroup GmbH has an efficient recycling plant at their disposal, ensuring a well-priced resource supply for film production from film waste.
A close cooperation of the two companies ensures the information exchange between plant operator and plant supplier, crucial for the further development of plant technology and paves the way for the successful conclusion of future joint projects.


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