Terez Performance Polymers Sp. z o.o.

We specialize in manufacturing high performance compounds on the basis of engineering thermoplastics

Address details:

Str. Rogoźnica 304
Poland, 36-060 Głogów Małopolski

About us

TEREZ Performance Polymers is subsidiary of TER Plastics Polymer Group – company with one of the broadest portfolios of engineering thermoplastics in Europe. We specialize in manufacturing high performance compounds on the basis of engineering thermoplastics. Our production facility is located southeastern Poland and has plenty of excellent traffic connections to the rest of Europe. It is equipped with state-of-the-art extrusion lines of the latest design with a capacity of 25,000 tons per year for all lot sizes. Furthermore, both a fully equipped development center and a color center are integrated into the recently completed large industrial building.

Our research and development work benefits greatly from the proximity to the local university and technical institutes. Being aware of this intellectual potential, TEREZ Performance Polymers constantly enhances its team of professionals with engineers and chemists in polymer science and process engineering as well as in other relevant subjects who are trained here.

We are an excellent partner for plastic converters and developers in various industries, i.e. automotive, E&E, and consumer products. Our focal areas are:
  • metal substitution
  • tribology
  • solutions with polymer blends
  • high temperature applications.
It is our goal to help fulfill your personal requirements and wishes. Our TEREZ brand stands for the greatest know-how in plastics compounding.

Originally, the recipes for our own brand were developed for special customer requirements but have long since become established market standards because of their exceptional properties and high demand.
Our high-performance plastics are setting new standards in metal replacement, the PTFE compounds are compelling due to their practically wear-free, friction optimized behavior resulting from a patented and unique chemical bonding of molecules.

Expect only the best from TEREZ – we promise you highest performance, custom-made.


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