Polimarky Sp. z o. o. Sp. K.

Polimarky is a Polish producer of wide range of plastic compounds designed for extrusion and injection molding

Address details:

Str. 10 a Bieszczadzka Street
Poland, 35-082 Rzeszów

Avtivity description

Polimarky is a Polish producer of wide range of plastic compounds designed for extrusion and injection molding. Polimarky has two manufacturing sites equipped with specialized production lines as well as R&D centre.

Smart compounding idea creates Company’s research and development strategy. Analyzing market trends and needs, Polimarky continually implements new technological solutions. Investing in innovations, we continue to extend our product portfolio and implement our own patented solutions. Our team of qualified and experienced specialists continually watches over maintaining high quality of products as well as adjusting them to Customers’ individual needs and environmental requirements. According to our development strategy, we strive for consistent sales rise in European markets. Polimarky is a perfect partner for those who seek comprehensive services for processing of thermoplastics. Polimarky product lines:RESLEN
  • PP – homopolymer – Reslen PPH
  • PP – copolymer – Reslen PPC
  • PE – polyethylene – Reslen PE
  • PA 6 – polyamide type 6 – Restramid PA6
  • PA 6.6 – polyamide type 6.6 – Restramid PA6.6
  • PA/PPA – polyamide type 6, polyphthalamide Resaron PPA
  • PA/PPA – polyamide type 6.6, polyphthalamide Resaron PPA
  • Halogen free cable compounds
  • POM – homopoymer – Resform POM
  • POM – copolymer – Resform POM
  • PS – polystyrene – Restyren PS
  • SAN – styrene-acrylonitryle copolymer– Resan SAN
  • ABS – acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene terpolymer – Restren ABS
  • PC – polycarbonate – Rescarb PC
  • Polymer blends – Resblend ABS / PC, PA / ABS, PP/PA
We offer a wide range of modifications of our products to adjust their properties to meet our customers’ individual needs: FILLING
  • Talc
  • Chalk
  • Barium sulfate
  • Glass beads
  • Glass fibre
  • Flame retardancy - classes V 0, V1, V2, V3, G1, G2, G3, G4
  • UV stabilization
  • Thermal stabilization
  • Nucleating
  • Nanoadditives
  • EPDM modification
  • Impact modification
  • Food contact approval
  • Biostatics additives
  • Colourization
  • Other

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