Firma Skowroński Sp.J.

PVC processing is our profession: handrail lining, finishing profiles for flooring, stair nosings, PVC fencing, PVC granulates, PVC garden hoses, furniture profiles, round profiles

Firma Skowroński Sp.J.
Address details:
Str. Młyniec Pierwszy Rzemieślnicza 1
Poland, 87-162 Lubicz

Activity description

We have been on the market since 1985 and so far we are glad to say that our brand is recognizable. We are well known within companies, that assemble PVC floor finishes, for whom we produce Trimming Profiles. Long term experience on the market and our modern policy are foundations of our success. PVC processing is our profession. We are produce Granulates and regranulates in the wide spectrum of hardness 40-90 Sh(A). We do Crushing (services), Grinding (services), Regranulation (services), Pulverization (powdering) PVC wastes, which we are permitted to process.

We have elaborated unique hitech recipe, which we use to produce hoses. They can be used mostly in gardening, thanks to their features: resistant to bend and twist. We are one of few producers of Plastic Pales (rails) made out of hard PVC. Thank to esthetic valors and persistence our rails can be used in garden furniture construction and Plastic Fences.