Trolley dispenser container for granules, raw material, bulk materials, waste paper or waste (46400)

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BUDECO Dział Sprzedaży

Container trolley for storing and transporting various types of materials, eg production raw materials, granules, other loose materials, waste paper or waste. Aesthetics - thanks to high quality polyethylene and modern rotomoulding technology used to make them, the containers are resistant to UV radiation, moisture and contact with most chemicals, which guarantees long-term use of the product. Safety and convenience - the container is formed as a whole, thanks to which it does not have any joints and is completely sealed, therefore the liquid or loose substances stored in it will not escape to the outside. The container is easy to use and requires no maintenance. Features of the tilt mechanism: can be operated by one person; in order to close / open / empty the container there is no need to get out of the forklift integrated lever activates the locking mechanism and immediately starts the tilting process the tilting is limited to 90 °, which protects the container against damage damping springs, which are equipped with mechanism, reduce noise during emptying the container and increasing its durability. Durability - the container has a very stable structure, it is resistant to mechanical damage, which ensures the upper edge, which has the shape of a rigid, closed, rectangular profile. The possibility of additional attachment of the container to the forklift by means of the chain considerably increases the safety during its emptying.

We also offer a manual service version without the need for a forklift.

The BUDECO offer also includes metal tipping containers - max. loading 900, 1000 or 2000 kg, depending on the version.

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