Ibc Dppl pallet conainers 1000 l Pzh UN EX pallet, Mauzers tankpalets - Budeco (23220)

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BUDECO Dział Sprzedaży

BUDECO offers brand new IBC DDPL pallet containers with a capacity of 300 (base 80x60 cm), 600 (base 120x80 cm), 800 (base 120x80 or 120x100 cm), 1000 (base 120x100 cm), version: PZH - for food, water drinking water, etc., UN - for dangerous substances, EX ESD for flammable and explosive materials. Spare parts and accessories, such as, among others spouts, pallets, valves - drain taps, etc.

New - IBC 300 lo compact sizes 80x60x97 cm!

Deliveries throughout Poland.

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