Trennso Zzs - Zig-Zag air screen

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Dremeco Sp. z o.o.
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Separation of the German company TRENNSO

The separated material is fed directly to the ZZS zigzag separator by means of a rotary valve and is distributed over the entire cross-section of the screening channel. The sorting air generated by the blower flows through the screen from bottom to top, allowing the bulk material to slide down and be separated.

The product must pass through the airflow at each bend of the screen channel and then bounce off the opposite screen wall. Here, the denser material falls in the screen channel under the influence of gravity. The light fraction is removed by an upward stream of air.

The fan air speed is set by a frequency converter. For maintenance and service work, the zig-zag separator has a service door on both sides, and the rotary valves are equipped with service access.

The extracted air is cleaned by a bottom filter unit or a cyclone separator.

We also have mobile devices for testing.

Below is a link to a video of the device operation:

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Dremeco Sp. z o. o

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