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~0,23 EUR / pc
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76 days

Rovigo Sp. z o.o.
Name and surname:
Sara Hahn

We are a plastics processing company from the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship. We provide injection services on our own and entrusted molds. We undertake not only large-scale production, but also the implementation of smaller orders. Specialized staff guarantees high quality of products and services provided.

For the production of products, we use, among others, thermoplastic materials such as: PS, PP, PE, ABS, POM, PA6 V0 GF30 and various composites.
Injection molding machines with clamping force: 22, 50, 120, 2x160, 175 tons

We guarantee competitive prices!

We will establish cooperation with companies from other industries that want to replace traditional materials with plastics, as well as with other injection plants. We provide assistance in the development of product designs ordered by customers, including the production of injection molds.

Rovigo Sp. z o. o



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