Even better performance! M55 Evolution Dynamic Washer (81339)

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K&K Recykling System Paweł Kuta
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K&K Recykling System

M-55 Evolution Dynamic Washer - Innovative Washing Technology!

Guaranteed quality and performance!

Device designed for cleaning soft and hard plastics.

* Multipoint water dispensing

* Possibility to set sieves with mesh sizes: 3, 4, 5 mm

What makes K & K Recycling System unique?  

The high degree of dirt ñ domywania

Ability to clean materials up to 60%

Significant at ± f zu limited use electricity up to 70% compared to the solutions currently operating

The low power of the 55 kW (55 kW) motors, which provides better washing performance compared to competing solutions

Compact - minimized installation area

You can trust us .... we know what we do!

Welcome to the company!

Office: 14 68 49 510

E-mail: recykling@kkr.biz.pl

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